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"Good Vibrations" at HENRY BERTRAND

Henry Bertrand Silk Fabrics have launched their California Collection.

Guy Drean, Vice-President Interiors excitedly tells the story, "Over recent seasons Henry Bertrand have developed from a Great Silk Plains House into a world class supplier of Classic Silk Damasks, Samites and Brocatelles. So most of our clients have been pleasantly stunned by our new California collection. Here is a new exciting marriage between Henry Bertrand's great colour sense with some stunning Contemporary Designs."

Andrew Gilbert, Managing Director adds, "We felt that we had such a strong range of Classics with Florals, Toiles, Ogees, Mosaics and had covered every period except the present and the future. So many of our clients have been asking us to take our design style and handwriting to a contemporary milieu. Our Contract Customers and our three showrooms in the West of the USA have led this call, so it seemed natural that it would be THE CALIFORNIA COLLECTION with apologies to our friends in Seattle and Scottsdale."

Katie Bercovitch, who designed the collection is Co-Managing Director of Henry Bertrand feels, " that we had an opportunity to do a number of things that had been particularly dramatic. We knew we needed to create a number of colour stories in melange with a number of designs. Each design had to work in each colour story. There are about 10 currently prevalent colour trends on the West Coast of the USA and in hospitality and the temptation was always there to cover them all. In the end, we felt that it would be our statement on these stories and we spent time in the markets examining the actual use of these colours and the parallel use of them in other Colour-using sectors."

Katie continues, "The swing away from Colonial Imperials continues,but the good news has been the return of colour. So we worked on the following seven colourways. Three "Neutrals" (Pasadena Cream, Palm Springs Sand and Tijuana Nutmeg), two Blues - one light, one dark (Pacific Ocean and Malibu Dove), a burnished red with lots of Gold (Red Rock Terracotta) and a great new series of greens (collectively known as Sequoia Celadon). "and for the designs we used a series of influences. A contemporary floral (San Diego), a geometric window-pane which is equally a design influence in the fashion sector (San Francisco), an Upholstery Weight with struture (San Jose), A structure for panelled walls and curtains (San Fernando) and finally an abstract statement that would hold the story together (San Rafael)"

Andrew Gilbert concludes the story, "We are not only delighted that we have launched this collection which we are sure hits the moment, but to say, this was created, designed and woven in Britain makes us feel even better."